Asset Management

Asset Management refers to the management of investments on behalf of others. Starka Properties acts as a critical intermediary between the investors and the property management staff, giving you piece of mind, and our years of experience. 

As an asset manager, Starka Properties does the following: 

  • Monitors and supervises third party property management 
  • Conductions property budgets and reporting 
  • Negotiates contracts and services 
  • Track Market Trends 
  • Execute refinancing and dispositions 
  • Reports to owners  

Starka works with our owners’ best interest in implementing the property’s business plan. Our focus is on maximizing the value and return on the investment in a property by optimizing revenues, reducing expenses, and efficiently executing capital improvements. 

When this is executed for each investment, we are then able to properly determine which capital event is best for our investors, either a refinance or the resale of the property. 

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