Why Starka Properties

A Letter From Our Founder And President

Starka Properties was created to not just make money in the world of commercial real estate on its own, but to allow other like-minded individual investors to actively participate and benefit. While working as a young doctor, I saw how hard my colleagues worked in the medical field, and how they were only able to eke out a small living for the sacrifices they made every day. 

I wanted to develop an investment vehicle that would allow my colleagues and others to become partners in the lucrative world of commercial real estate along with me – so that they will be able to make additional revenue, whether they were in the hospital at work, or at home.

As a doctor, you practice medicine because it is not just a science, but also a devotion to your fellow man, and an art. In recent years, doctors and other highly educated professionals have lost most of their freedoms to practice their professions as they see fit, and are relegated to quotas and procedures that remove the individuality that we all long for. 

With Starka Properties, investors can also be assured that any deal that is brought to the table is an investment that the partners of Starka are also fully vested in. With our many years of experience, we will expertly navigate the world of property positioning, management, and development together. Investors are also provided ALL of the facts – how the money is invested, why we choose an opportunity, and the full implications of participating.

By creating and participating in Starka Properties, I believe that I and my fellow educated professionals will become more financially secure, and then we can practice our crafts to the best of our abilities without worry or fear of the financial burdens or demands that have plagued so many.

If this sounds interesting to you, and you would like to become an investor in our unique partnership at Starka Properties, I invite you to contact us to learn more – and see the opportunities that we see everyday. I look forward to hearing from you – and the future awaits. 

Founder, and President
Starka Properties, Inc.

Don’t Miss out – Be a participant.

The time is now – to get involved and become a investor in the world
of commercial real estate – and earn the profits you deserve.

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